What do I expect in the Introductory Piano Lesson?

Our Introductory Piano Lesson is a 30-minute private session. You will meet the instructors, try out our grand piano, and ask all the questions that you have in mind. We will introduce you to note and rhythm reading, we also have many music games for young beginners!

We want you to feel the difference and have fun!

Why is private piano lesson better than group class?

Playing the piano is a multi-sensory activity that requires learning by touch, ear, eye, as well as intellectual and emotional understanding. Private lesson is personalized for student's individual learning progress. The proper posture and precise finger techniques need to be carefully guided from an early stage, so time will not be wasted undoing incorrect movements. The group setting cannot address the various needs of the students all at the same time.

While we tailor-made our teaching to each of our student's individual needs, we prefer a more traditional method of teaching note-reading and rhythm. For beginners, we often use John Thompson, Schaum Piano Course, and Alfred Piano Course.

Do I need to have a piano when I sign up for piano lesson?

Yes, you will need to have access to a piano from the very beginning, as daily practice is essential for making steady progress. A used upright piano of decent condition will be sufficient for most students. We are glad to help our students find their first piano.

A full-sized (88 keys) weighted digital keyboard with pedals can be a good substitute for beginners. You can also consider renting one from a local dealer if you are uncertain about buying a piano right away.

How much do I (my child) need to practice?

Consistency and good quality daily practice is the golden rule to making the most progress, not the quantity. We suggest our students to practice at least five days per week to make a steady progress.

Note to parents: Please help your child establish a routine of good practice habits. Supervision in daily practice is often necessary for young beginners. For older students, daily reminders may be needed until the student is mature enough to establish a daily practicing routine.

What is Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM)? Do you recommend students to sign up for music examinations?

ABRSM is the world's leading provider of music examinations and assessments. We believe that music exam can motivate students to make progress towards an internationally recognized standard.


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