Create a Successful Experience at the Piano

In order to have a successful experience with private lessons, the development of good relationships among the student, teacher, and parents is necessary. 

To make steady progress, we expect students to attend weekly lessons throughout the year.  Meanwhile, a positive learning experience would not be possible without the support of the parents.


Our Teaching Approach

Our piano lessons are designed carefully to develop the five learning domains: 

  • Tactile (proper posture, finger dexterity)

  • Aural (listening)

  • Visual (reading music)

  • Intellectual (thinking and understanding of music)

  • Emotional (connection with music, fulfillment and satisfaction

Because of our holistic approach to music, the training can be applied to other subject areas, and promotes critical thinking skills.

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Method Books & Repertoire

While we have an individualized study plan for each student, we prefer a more traditional method of teaching note-reading and rhythm.  For beginners, we often use John Thompson, Schaum Piano Course, and Alfred Piano Course.  

For intermediate and advanced students, we cover the classical styles of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th-Century piano literature.   

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For Students

Develop Good Practice Habits And Attitude

Consistency and good quality daily practice is the golden rule to make the most progress. Developing a positive attitude at the piano, as well as having a good work habit, yields the best results.

Set Achievable Performance Goals

From memorizing a piece to getting ready for a competition, achievable goals will motivate students to keep practicing and improve their musical skills.

For Parents

Getting A Piano

Your child will need to have access to a piano from the very beginning, as daily practice is essential for making steady progress. A used upright/console piano of decent condition will be sufficient for most students.

A full-sized (88 keys) weighted digital keyboard with pedals can be a good substitute for about a year. You can also rent a piano from a local dealer if you are uncertain about purchasing one right away. We work exclusively with Coltharp Piano World, and we are glad to help our students find their first piano.

Continuous Encouragement And Create A Learning Environment

Please help your child establish a routine of good practice habits, by creating a focused environment such as no phones or screens that can be distracting. Supervision in daily practice is often necessary for young beginners. For older students, daily reminders may be needed until the student is mature enough to establish a daily practicing routine.


Performance Opportunities

Student Recital

We encourage our students to perform.  We host student recitals in outside locations, usually in conjunction with other supporters of performing arts in the Greater Memphis area.  

Check out our latest performances.

Community Music Outreach

We believe in sharing our talents by giving back to the community through active music outreach.  We record community service hours for our students, which would help developing their extra-curricular portfolio.   

Read more about our community engagement


Amro Music Keyboard Festival

Amro Music hosts two keyboard festivals every year.  It's a great opportunity for young pianists to demonstrate their music talents.   

D Piano Studio ABRSM certificate

Piano Competition and Examination

We believe that students will be motivated to improve their skills and work towards a rewarding musical goal.  We promote students to participate in local competitions such as the Beethoven Club Young Artist Competition.  We also prepare students for examination provided by Associated Board of the Royals Schools of Music (ABRSM).  ABRSM is the world's leading authority of music examination; their graded exam is internationally recognized.